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In his bestselling book, Why Love Heals, psychologist Dr. Dean Shrock explains how to dramatically improve your health and the health of those you love. He gives us the insight and understanding we all know to be true: Love is all you need. Now you can discover for yourself how and why love heals.

Dr. Shrock developed a research proposal for the Cleveland Clinic to test the effectiveness of guided imagery with breast cancer patients in 1986.  The following year, he interned as a staff psychologist with the Nittany Valley Rehabilitation Hospital in Pennsylvania.  It was during this time that he also began working with Dr. Carl Simonton at the Simonton Cancer Center, where he began his research  with a psychological approach to cancer care.

In 1988 Dr. Shrock became Director of Psychological Support Services for a physician management group of 40 cancer centers.  This is where Dr. Shrock first made the startling discovery about the inner workings of love that would later evolve into his book, Why Love Heals. 

In his research, published in 1999 in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Dr. Shrock found that not only could caring and listening to patients affect their quality of life, but it could also extend their life. Read the entire story by going here NOW:

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Here is what Dr. Shrock’s colleagues and leaders in Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine have to say about

Why Love Heals:


Why Love Heals rightfully returns the soul to medicine…”
LarryWhy Love Heals” rightfully returns the soul to medicine, and opens our minds and hearts to a way of looking at God and our spiritual and eternal selves that sets us free. Dr. Shrock has been among the leaders of Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine, and Why Love Heals clearly demonstrates why. I highly recommend it.” Larry Dossey, MD
Author of The Power of Premonitions: How Knowing the Future Can Shape Our Lives


“Love is the greatest power in the Universe…”

siegel“Love is the greatest power in the universe and vital for creation. It is the solution to every problem. If you want to know how and why read Why Love Heals and make it a part of your life. It is a gift you and the people in your life will be forever thankful for.”      
Bernie Siegel, MD
Author of 365 Prescriptions For Living


Why Love Heals expresses profound truths about love and healing…”

LeonardLaskowColorPhoto“Broad in scope and easy to read, Why Love Heals expresses profound truths about love and healing that would be of great benefit to anyone on the healing path. I highly recommend it.” Leonard Laskow, MD
Author of Healing With Love


As powerful as these testimonials are, they are no match for your own experience.  Find out for yourself how and why love heals by reading Dr. Shrock’s book

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In Why Love Heals you will discover:

  • The Power of a ‘Will to Live’ and How Loving and Caring for Others Fills this Need

  • Why We all Need to Adopt a “Selfish” Attitude and How Doing so has a Positive Effect not Only on Us BUT also Those Around Us!

  • How Coping Skills Measure Up Against Caring Skills and why the second one is more effective!

  • How Communications ‘Emanating from the Heart’ have a Scientific, Measurable Physical Response on Others

  • Why Faith Heals some — but NOT others and What YOU can do to put Faith on your Side

  • How what you Think and Feel Affects your Body’s Cells and DNA and how science proves this fact!


Here is what other notables have to say about Why Love Heals:



“Filled with wonderful insight and gentle wisdom…”

Neale_Donald_Walsch“… I
do find this text filled with wonderful insight and gentle wisdom that I know will benefit everyone who reads it. The power of human love is made so understandable in these writings that the true wonder is that we don’t all immediately fall in love with each other, and stay in love all the time!  Thank you, Dr. Shrock, for this re-opening to our heart space.” Neale Donald Walsch
Author of Conversations with God



“Wow, what a fantastic book!”

OwenWaters“I approached it with some trepidation as I get asked to help promote many books which are either lacking in quality or unsuitable for the expectations of my subscriber list. However, just a few pages into this book, I became totally absorbed by it and really impressed with it. This book is very likely to become a classic.” Owen Waters
Author of The Shift: The Revolution in Human Conciousness and Follow the Yellow Brick Road: A Journey in Consciousness

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