Learn about Dr. Shrock’s scientific life-changing discovery as reported in USA Today.

Dr. Dean Shrock served as Director Of Mind-Body Medicine for a physician management group of 40 cancer centers. Here he developed and taught a wellness program, which  Penn State University researched and concluded that it improved survival with cancer. His book, Doctor’s Orders: Go Fishing, details this program and the insights he gained while teaching it.

Can you imagine going to the doctor, and the doctor wrote you a prescription to go fishing, or whatever else brought you great joy? That’s what Dr. Shrock proposed with thousands of cancer patients and their families.

Only to his great surprise, most of them found this too selfish. But, still, his patients were living much longer than those getting only conventional medical treatment.

So, what was making the difference if it wasn’t Dr. Shrock’s attempt to instill a “will to live”? His research concluded that it was because they felt listened to, cared for, and supported – all core aspects of love.


In attempting to understand why love heals, Dr. Shrock found that quantum physics determined there is a quantum field (electromagnetic energy) that underlies and connects all of physical reality. This all-pervasive energy is one of complete harmony and order. It is a force of compassion and concern for all of life. Physicists  concluded that this ultimate nature of the universe is an energy of love!

There is only a quantum field of love, and we and all of creation are this life force manifesting in form. Self-love is the aligning of ourselves with this “wholeness” or our core, essential nature. When we experience love, we resonate with this fundamental essence of who we are. Our bodies respond with decreased stress and resistance, and allows for a greater flow of this life force energy. Health is a natural consequence. This is why love heals. You have to treat the mind, body, and spirit.

In his bestselling book, Why Love Heals, Dr. Shrock tells you how to achieve this sense of self-love. After more than 30 years of study and experience, he tells you how to stimulate the natural harmony that lies within you, where well-being is the only outcome.


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Dr. Shrock has updated his original wellness program, which he now calls, Living and Thriving. Click here to learn more.

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