Guided Imagery For Relaxation and Stress Management: sample audio

Guided Imagery for Relaxation and Stress Management
by Dean Shrock, Ph.D.

Audio: Guided Imagery For Relaxation and Stress Management by Dean Shrock, Ph.D

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Guided imagery is a form of mental rehearsal. It is the mental picturing, or sensing, thinking and feeling of a desired outcome – and when you do this, the body responds (like a placebo response) as though this actually were true. Because everything is connected, as explained through quantum physics, your thoughts and feelings literally can create whatever you visualize.

 Relaxation and imagery techniques are the most used therapies to complement conventional healthcare. Dr. Dean Shrock is a recognized expert in these approaches to health and wellness. His doctoral dissertation was titled, Relaxation, Guided Imagery, and Wellness. After more than 30 years of study and experience, he wants to help you achieve a much greater peace of mind and state of health through this scientifically proven method of guided imagery.

 Your natural state is one of harmony and order. When you are relaxed and feeling good, you allow for the flow of this natural state of ease and well-being. However, when you are feeling stuck in negative emotions you inhibit the flow of energy through your body. You create stress and resistance. This can lead to physical deterioration and illness.

 Every thought and feeling you have all day long acts to support or restrict coherence (the state of least resistance or stress). When you consciously align yourself with this harmonious state, such as when you practice guided imagery or meditation, your thoughts and feelings at that time affect you even more. Your deliberate act of imagining and relaxing are among the easiest ways to improve your health and happiness.

Set aside up to 30 minutes daily to listen to one of these guided imagery exercises on this downloadable mp3 audio program. The good news is that this almost certainly will help you to feel better. You can dramatically affect your life and health by taking this time daily to imagine yourself relaxed and feeling good. As you become relaxed and in a more coherent state, health is a natural by-product.

Buy the MP3s Here
Only $9.95 – for Immediate Download!